Our Firm

FreemanLaw – Barristers is a a team of experienced litigation lawyers in Toronto. We seek and obtain effective solutions for our clients. Our lawyers have appeared in litigation matters before the Provincial courts, the Superior Court of Justice, the Federal Court of Canada, Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada, and the Law Society Tribunal, with leading cases reported in bankruptcy law, business law, commercial landlord-tenant law and corporate oppression remedies law.

The lawyers at FreemanLaw have succeeded in multi-party and very complex construction cases, involving product liability law and specialized construction law. With expertise in simple and complex collection, commercial, competition, construction, corporate and Elder abuse law and IT litigation, FreemanLaw – Barristers have represented clients in multi-million dollar cases, many with over a million documents in paper and electronic formats.

Our lawyers are skilled in their fields, practising across Ontario. Our lawyers use the power of dedicated litigation software commonly used in much larger Toronto law firms. We provide our clients with the professional service they expect while keeping the human touch of a small practice.

If you have a litigation issue requiring the over 40-year experience of our well respected law firm, please contact FreemanLaw now so that our lawyers can start working for you, to find your winning solution at an affordable price, with regular updates.