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FreemanLaw is a boutique litigation law firm in Toronto, Canada. We assemble experienced lawyers on behalf of our clients. Our lawyers, both veteran and freshly-called, use sophisticated litigation software and the power of the Web to enhance our law practice and keep our clients involved in advancing and winning their cases. We strive to provide our clients with the quality one would normally expect from a major downtown Toronto law firm, with the human touch of a small firm lawyer who cares about the needs of his clients.

When you first meet with one of our lawyers, we will walk you through the legal process required to best resolve your matter while customizing our legal approach according to your budget and expectations. Throughout the process, our lawyers will keep in close contact with you so that you always know about the status of your case. Our lawyers are trained to explore every reasonable fact and legal hypothesis, making sure that the latest and best option is available when prosecuting or defending your case.

Whether you are involved in a complex corporate dispute, a commercial landlord-tenant issue, construction law case, termination lawsuit, a complicated Estates / Elder Abuse case, or any other civil litigation matter, your FreemanLaw lawyer will be ready to represent you so that your problems will be well cared for. Our law offices are always open for new matters: Please book your initial no-cost consultation with FreemanLaw by contacting us at:

(416) 596-1177

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